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Just imagine if a business thought they just needed a phone to be successful, you would think their crazy! What’s even more crazy is that businesses often pay for rent, phone, website and often don’t know how to use them effectively online. With Google Business Profile you are given the opportunity to make something of your resources, but how do you?

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After signing up free for Google Business Profile you may have noticed that your business will show up as an option for those seeking services or products in your area.  This is great news, but how do you stand out from your competition?  A simple search will show you 3 results of businesses near you, but how do you make sure that you’re showing up for other people?  We make sure that you stand out by putting you into those 3 results.

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Increase What Matters

By choosing MyFireUp as your Google Business Profile management team you will quickly achieve results in your local market.  Since 2014 we have a proven track record with capturing leads for local businesses with their Google My Business so they can turn potential clients/customers into paying clients/customers for your business.  Think about it, how long are you going to miss out on these leads when you can start capturing them almost immediately with our support?

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Listen, all the time and effort you put into your business shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Let’s change that right now.


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